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Idaho’s Marketing Agency – Local Lead Hero’s ServingLocal Businesses In SEO Local Lead Generation Services And Deliver Excellent Results For Maximum ROI

Located in Sandpoint Idaho the founder Cody Torgerson specializesinInternet Marketing and consultant Focused on Lead Generation through Local SEO, Paid ad campaigns, Video Marketing and Youtube Rankingand yes, of course, social media managementin order to access all funnels of organic traffic, therefore, maximizing Return On Investment. Cody has a wide roster of clients coming from all over Boise…Go (BoiseState Broncos!) to Coeur d Aleneand the entire gem state. Idaho is not the only territory he serves many states in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Local Lead Hero’s is a certified leader in Marketing and Advertising Strategy. After testing and investing in several different processes in his past business adventures. His passion and Desire became Local SEO Lead Generation services for the local brick and mortar shops. He currently resides in Sandpoint which Skiing Schweitzer Mountain in the winter, the festival at Sandpoint, civil war reenactments from spring to fall. also Known for top-rated public schools and conserving its own natural resources. One of my favorites skipping across the lake and hanging out on the shore of lake pend Lake Pend Oreille. Even with a population of just 7,984 people, Sandpoint remains to be one of the most desired Place to live.

For the past few years, his marketing agency marketing and strategy platform have helped many companies make sense of their customer data to drive digital marketing success.

We are able to satisfy clients across the world by combining creativity with innovative technology and a team of trusted advisors. We offer one in town strategies that are tailored to providing actionable insights, increase customer engagement and boost revenue.

As an Agency for both local and foreign clients, we are trusted by many organizations including real estate, plumbers, Roofing, Chiropractor, Yoga Electricians and many more…and continues to be an ideal source of outstanding and exceptional digital marketing services.

At we aim to leverage the most effective digital marketing strategies to enable clients’ businesses and brand to reach the optimum number of potential clients.

In order to help your products and services or brand reach its full marketing potential, offers the most effective multi-platform and multi-channel Internet marketing services. These services include the following:

  • Lead Generation Services
  • Full Internet Marketing Services
  • Content Marketing Services
  • Search Engine Marketing via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Local SEO Services
  • Social Media Marketing and Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Facebook Paid Marketing Management
  • Responsive Website Design and Development
  • Landing Page Creation

Our team strives to serve you with the best of the latest marketing strategies and abilities. We provide you with the highest levels of quality services and professionalism, thus, giving you the value for your money. We believe that if we work together with you, we can improve your digital marketing strategy and make sense of your customer data. Use our services today and experience the difference with Digital Marketing services.

Local Lead Hero’s Process

Here at Local lead Hero’s, we Believe in a proven process and we follow it for every one of our clients while remaining flexible to change with the market

Online Presence Audit- know where you currently give us a clear picture of where to start in your campaign.

Research– The Market in that local area the client’s competitors, the average cost of requiring a customer and what the current state of client’s online presence if any.

Competition analyses- we find your top competitors online what they spend on advertising, their keywords, backlinks, and find the “GAP” then we slither right in there and beat them.

Learn- the client’s niche, what they do, how it works, the lingo and correct vocabulary… Getting to know the business helps us in developing a good Marketing Strategy, getting targeted and qualified leads for a high conversation rate.

Marketing Strategy– we develop a detailed strategy based on current trends and i2Fli>

  •          Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •         Facebook Paid Marketing Management
  •         Responsive Website Design and Development
  •         Landing Page Creation
  • Our team strives to serve you with the best of the latest marketing strategies and abilities. We provide you with the highest levels of quality services and professionalism, thus, giving you the value for your money. We believe that if we work together with you, we can improve your digital marketing strategy and make sense of your customer data.

    About Me

    Image Hello Hello Hello, thank you for stopping by our site and your interest in Local Lead Hero’s My name is Cody Torgerson and currently reside near one of the most desired places to hang up the hat, Sandpoint, Idaho. I was fortunate enough to find Sandpoint in 2007 while being sent to work to insulate the Seasons at Sandpoint. Fortunate because is where I was blessed by meeting the most beautiful, loyal and supportive woman (in my opinion exists on this planet) and to whom I owe most of the good in my life too! I spent Most of my working life in the construction field doing Insulation and until recent owned CTI Insulation. I chose to close down in order to focus my time in local Marketing for the Local business. Through the many struggles of business, I found that finding prospects, and having a constant flow of lead was not really the easiest chore while trying to where all the otter hats as well. I found several problems in searching and trying out different marketing that would bring me customers. 1. My budget was to low (I mean 5,000 plus a month!) 2. Long contracts- I was always nervous spending money because the truth was- I really needed customers now, I mean really! 3. Leads where resold over and over- I was yelled at plenty of times the prospect I was calling because I was the 3rd 5th person to call or they had no clue why I was calling, and that call costed me $55.00 4. Get sold a story- I was told how much money I would make; how great it would be and ohhhh! how I would love them 5. The long Wait- Imposable to get a hold of my sales rep, my complaints where turned into one or two statements. “telling me I was not a good closer” or “it takes time that is why we have the contract” So, I decided to study, read test and test some more and started to really work. Ran some Free campaigns for other companies and achieved results that were more than acceptable. I really did enjoy the work, I also realized that a good marketing service to local businesses could mean a lot to that company. And that, gives me something to look forward to each morning If your are reading this post thank you and I would like to extend our marketing Services in any way we can. I have a book you can download free that will help you in your marketing efforts. Just enter your email and I will get it right off to you. -Cody your Local Lead Hero

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