After reviewing your and Auditing your site, you will need to implement changes that need to be tracked over time, and that can become tedious. You should use the SEMrush Compare Crawls report to compare crawl data from one point in time to another. By consuming this report, you will be able to equate past to current creep. You can note positive or negative changes since the previous audit and you can also break down your change by specific issues, tells, or notices.

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Understanding when improvements are being made can be quite beneficial to users who are looking to improve their sites performance, ranking and responsiveness and competitive edge.  Comparing and crawling your Site along with regular Audits can give insight into what issues were resolved and issues that need attention over a specific period of time.

we use this tool every day in our business and would be lost without it with

the knowledge gained with using these tools, we can measure which tactics are working when it comes to fixing the issues on the given website. Defining these issues as they arise we is imperative to online health, as well as gain the upper hand over our competition.

We can make a huge difference in SEO optimization efforts and use the data option to select a specific crawl year, all the way back to the beginning of your websites birth. You can set your return date to any crawling you wish to see what change has been offset since SEMrush first flowed your initial crawl.

you can also use these tools to spy on your competition and steal their traffic click here to find out more.

Good luck and if you have any questions, please appear free to reach out to one of our customer support consultants ..

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