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Local Lead Hero’s LLC an SEO, Lead Generation and Video Marketing Agency. Located in Sandpoint Idaho and our focus is on Local Businesses in getting more Customers to your place of business. Using  Video generation, Locally focused SEO, Google Map Pack, Content Marketing and Social Media. Organic Marketing to obtain Qualified Traffic in a quick manner is the goal we look to achieve for our clients.   Our recent marketing research efforts and testing and with only the Local Rankings in mind. we have developed a Marketing Strategy that has Delivered Impressive Results to the local off and online businesses. In fact, this site theleadbounty.com is one site which this strategy was applied. Results were that in just two weeks (note website was not even completed) we were ranked #1 spot in local search results in Sandpoint, on the first page for the state of Idaho and even ranked in the top 100 for the more broad search terms for global rankings.

Matter of Fact on May 3rd, 2018 I am rewriting the site along with some design as I was not prepared for such quick Results. I am happy to announce that we have put together this Package and is now open to the public. It is being offered for an extremely limited time to a limited number of customers at a Remarkable discount. If you are spending more then 500.00  a month in your online campaigns then, I urge you to consider this limited time offer. Fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly!

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Today’s market is oversaturated with many self-acclaimed Lead Generation services  Thus, making choosing the right provider can be a difficult decision. However, to meet your goals, you’d have to allocate budget, assign resources, and locate the best  SEO and Video Marketing consultant or agency to design a working strategy for your business.

Local Lead Hero’s is a full-service online Digital Marketing Agency with a proven ability to drive web traffic for our clients by implementing various marketing strategies. We are specialist in Local Search Rankings,  as well as boosting traffic organically to our client’s sites or business. We will also increase sales and leads for both small and large-scale businesses. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to online marketing, so we take an individual approach to each business. Whatever your business may require, we are here to help you through the process of determining the best strategies that will lead to real online success. We both want to find the right fit for your needs, so let’s get started!

Marketing Strategy For Local Business Is A Necessary part in Beginning your Campaign

Marketing strategy development is a key factor in any business. Without having a superlative marketing strategy in place, your efforts to attract potential clients are likely to be inefficient and unproductive.Implementing the right Marketing Strategies can be a great way to improve your local rankings, finding your target markets, as well as developing a marketing plan and to maximize your lead gen results. You will also be able to reach your goals faster while saving you money and time, however, if you do not have the experience and right expertise to develop working Marketing Plan, your way to success can just costly. This is why we have designed a wide range of marketing strategy solutions to help you throughout the process of growing your business today and into the future. At all times, you should actively focus your strategy on making sure that your products and services are in compliance with your customer needs and then strive to develop profitable and long- relationships with those customers. The main motif of your marketing strategy is to figure out and communicate your business offering benefits to your target audience or market. To achieve this, Local Lead Hero’s develops a super-flexible strategy that can answer to changes in clients’ demand and perceptions. This strategy will also help you to determine an entirely new market you can successfully target.

Website Audits And Analysis Even On Your Competition That’s How We Win


Regular audit is very important for every website as well as beginning Your SEO Campaign and tells you how your site  is performing, and what should be done to improve it further. However, it’s more advisable and very important to perform a website audit and review prior to starting a new digital marketing campaign or website SEO. In a case whereby your content is poor, your marketing campaigns are stale, or your website design is even outdated, our on-site design group will have to evaluate this scenario, after which we will suggest and implement a working strategy. Our FREE website audit and review helps to diagnose and determine whether your website is mobile-friendly, responsive, contains the correct quality and quantity of text, technically sound, image optimized and if contents loads quickly. Also, our on-site design group provides priceless insight into how your Social Media Marketing and Off Page SEO is performing, so you have nothing to worry about. In addition, we take a critical look at your major competitors’ websites, to determine their internet marketing strategies and make the necessary adjustment to yours.Absolutely, we offer FREE website audit and review services, and unlike other company, we do not put you under pressure to use our services. The website Audit report is summarized in a way that will clearly explain the issues found on your website, and how we can use our marketing strategies to help your business move to the next level. After that is done, the result of the Audit will be discussed with you, then we’ll let you decide how to move forward without imposing anything on you. However, if you are determined to take your website and business to the higher level, Local Lead Hero’s will then build a custom internet marketing plan to help you stand out from the crowd, improve your local ranking, get noticed in the Google local map packs, so you will be able to Place your products or services to your target markets.



One of the most proven ways of effective online marketing for your business is Local SEO. Businesses make use of local SEO strategy to gain online presence and promote their products and services to local clients who are looking for their services.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a strategy used to create Google Ads (or Leads) that are specifically customized to your business’ services. When people start clicking on of your ads, they’ll be redirected to a user-friendly homepage of the website you’ve created.

Search Engine Ranks Matter!

Statistics show that 49% of local searches are done without having a precise business in mind. However, prominent search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!, affirms that online search is the major way through which people come across information about local businesses. This justifies the fact that it is very important to have an SEO site that will enable your business to be found easily.

Search Engine Optimization is done to improve the keyword relevancy and content of your website on the Internet. This approach will enable your site to be ranked higher on the search engine when keywords that are related to the goods and services you offer are being searched for.

This concept is what Local SEO further takes home by geo-targeting your business. This geo-targeting will enable your listing and website to appear right in front of potential clients that are physically located near you and who are most likely interested in buying your product and services. It’s that simple.


Benefits of Lead Generation

  • Live within 10 days
  • No risk, as you’ll start receiving calls within 1 day of the test call
  • You can adjust the budget at any time
  • Increased metrics and non-organic listings
  • Creates a more measurable ROI (Return on Investment)

Benefits of Local SEO

  • Boosts your rankings on Google
  • 85% of consumers search for local businesses online
  • Clients will find your site while looking for relevant products and services.
  • People are likely to trust a local name
  • Improves your local brand name recognition


Operating a successful business in today’s traffic-driven marketplace is all about residing at the top of local search engine rankings in your niche. However, many small business owners seem to overlook this marketing strategy and they were left behind the curve struggling to make sales.

As a business owner, this is a golden chance for you to pull ahead of the pack. We are aware of your struggles and are ready to assist your business with the right Local SEO strategy.  This is something you should really be taking advantage.

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Everybody can open a business, but not everbody can take it to the next level. Our local marketing agency is here to help you achieve the results you want in a shorter period of time. No need to waste countless hours to learn what internet marketing is all about, and no need to spend thousands of dollars.

Your Success Is Our Mission

We take our mission very serious. We already helped hundreds of business owners to sell more and to find the customers they need. Image what would be if you could rank on Google in front of your competitors in a matter of weeks or even days? That’s right! When it comes to a local business, you need traffic from Google. Posting ads on your city is not affordable and it will bring you less clients.

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